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Do you need your work and family schedule superimposed? Do you need your expenses and receipts reconciled? Do you need your flight or hotel booked? Do you need your deliveries prepared, your clients gifted, your staff supervised? Look no further! I have years of experience managing overwhelmed professionals […]


Do you need your house decluterred, organized, beautified? Do you need your garage pristine enough to become your new home office or guest room? Do you need to find the perfect lamp to compliment that new lamp? Do you need your suitcases packed for that last minute weekend […]


Do you need your packages shipped, your returns made in store, your dry cleaning picked up? Do you need your Holiday shopping handled, your concert tickets booked, your watch repaired? Do you need someone to help you find and supervise a contractor or vendor to repair that sliding […]


Do you need your closet organized?Do you need your wardrobe styled? Do you need a personal shopper to find you the best suited fashion gems? Do you need your luxury clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories consigned? Look no further! I have been operating my own luxury fashion consignment […]

Basics & Classics

Chic and elegance are more often associated with a simple, refined look than to, say, yellow faux fur and sparkly cowboy boots (I will let you be the judge of that!).  VS  In theory, this makes it easier for anyone to achieve a classic, timeless look; All you need is […]

Ode to the Black Tights

Black tights. Aren’t they everything? Sure, here in California, they probably aren’t a wardrobe staple for many women, but I know for a fact that they do elevate fashion, everywhere in the world! (YES, I am in a solemn kind of mood, today). I personally love black tights […]