How Wardrobe Might Be the Most Important Part of TV Shows and Movies Atmosphere Setting

I am a huge TV show consumer.

I barely find myself watching movies anymore (I am too busy hunting down fashion treasures for you gals !), and I feel like nowadays, the best actors are on TV anyway. I mean, Hello Matthew McConaughey, Jon Hamm, Glenn Close,…

Plus TV shows, because of their shorter format and the fact that they run for several seasons, seem to better capture the Right Now.

Have you ever watched Girls ? (If not, damn, you’re missing out !). birthday-bitch-girls-hbo

Surely, Hannah’s wardrobe is meant to say a lot about her. Messy, daring, colorful, crazy… But mostly messy.

Netflix House of Cards ? Wardrobe clearly serves to distinguish cold, calculated and sharp Claire Underwood from young and tortured Zoe Barnes. (and that 1st episode in season 2 when…Well, no, I’ll let you discover THIS by yourself if you haven’t yet. Spoiler alert : IT.IS.SHOCKING !).

Scandal ? Well, « Olivia Pope » is now a synonym for career wardrobe perfection, in every language. Only Kerry Washington’s real life baby bump while filming season 3 can distract from her enviable powersuits and sexy lounge wear, and I must admit that even kind of has distracted me a little from the character’s sharpness.

Shameless ? I bet you haven’t given much thought to the Gallagher sense of style. (Or have you, now ?)   cast Well…I guess that was the point : they can’t afford fashion and do not have time for style, so I’d say the show’s stylist does the best job at blending their clothes into their cold, gray and dirty natural habitat.

At times, too, wardrobe can fail a show.

Think Walking Dead (yes, I sometimes like my zombies, too).Think season 4. I mean…COME ON ! Why the hell is Maggie wearing brand new, Hermes-like, perfectly made boots? And how on earth are we supposed to take that Tomb Raider-dressed new girl seriously ? Walking-Dead-Season-Finale-Interview-Rosita-Video   I know they get clothes from people and houses they encounter, but could Maggie really have stopped by Rachel Zoe’s house?

These kind of tiny tiny « details » (huge mishaps?) completely throw me off my show-watching focus.

For the past 10 years, TV characters have become household names in the wardrobe and style department.

Think Rachel’s « THE Rachel » bob, or Serena Van Der Woodsen’s boho chic style.


Even reality TV « stars »have their own very distinctive looks, which are 100% part of their Brand.

But we’ll discuss Nene and Kim K. some other time…

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