Ode to the Black Tights

Black tights.

Aren’t they everything?


Sure, here in California, they probably aren’t a wardrobe staple for many women, but I know for a fact that they do elevate fashion, everywhere in the world!

(YES, I am in a solemn kind of mood, today).

I personally love black tights so much I start any wintery night out or rainy day outfit with them, working my way up then.

Coming from the East of France, a region where Winter (and seasons in general) simply do exist and where the said Winters are, well, cold, rainy and gray,

ob_a54dd0d64739927f74f72d595bc52b4c_dscf2700a (My hometown, Metz, under the snow).

I wore black tights on a daily basis a good half of the year for decades (even though I am still REALLY young!).

My everyday uniform back then was black tights, a black dress or skirt, a black coat and black gloves and scarf.


Yes, I loved (and still love) black on black outfits, but this may need its own post.Soon.

Back to the tights :

How to pick a pair?

I myself love them very opaque but not shiny, with no toe tip markings (in case I decide to wear them with peep toe booties, because YES, I believe you CAN wear them with open toe shoes!), and with a non binding waistband, because, well, who needs the extra muffin top?

I always trust a good pair of black tights to make me look polished and give a chic touch to any outfit.

Not to mention that they are slimming, and will keep you warm, if needed.

What about you?
Do you wear black tights?

Or what is your favorite outfit enhancer?

…The sound of me thinking…


You know what?

I will be wearing black tights no later than tonight, going out with friends for my hubby’s birthday!
With what, you ask?

We’ll see.

(Check my Instagram to know!!)

But I already know for sure that I will feel confident and well put together, wearing what might be my favorite accessory…

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