What to Wear to a Winter Wedding


Are you invited to a Winter Wedding?

Can’t figure out what to wear?

Is it so bad that you are considering canceling your attendance?

Let me help you!

During the Summer, it’s easy :

You get a wedding invite and you already know you’re gonna be all colors and glitter, flowers and pastels.

Being invited to a Winter wedding though, can prove a little bit more tricky (I am talking about an outside of California Winter wedding, that goes without saying, because if it’s in SoCal, well, there’s not much difference with a Summer event, given that it’s gonna be 90 degrees anyway!) :

All you can find in store is christmas-y, heavy and dark, when all you want is to be and look light, young and elegant.

I would recommend two options :

Either covering up one of your beloved more summer-y dresses with a shawl, black tights (did I tell you about my OBSESSION for black tights?No?I think this will need its own post…Soon.), and precious jewelry (to avoid the beach-y effect of your floral or baby blue dress).


Add a leather jacket or your favorite blazer, and BOOM!


(By the way, rule of thumb : if Blakes does it, it’s a go!).

Or go full on Winter with your clothes, but in less dramatic colors.

We already know that you can’t wear anything white, beige, champagne, …Unless the bride is your worst enemy and you are decided to outshine her, of course.

I am personally not against wearing black to a wedding (did I ever tell you about my adoration for black on black outfits?No?Well…It’s coming your way…Soon.), but it could be safer to double check with the bride or her “staff”, as some may consider it a wedding fashion faux-pas.

Any plain fabric will look more put together and rich than a floral or printed outfit, but you certainly don’t have to go all dark, dark green, dark red, dark blue…

A vibrant gold or a radiant orchid tone, Pantone color of the year 2014(!), can make you look chic, too.


+ a plain color outfit allows you to play with accessories in the same shade family.

And YES, that means you now have an excuse to spurge on this lilac purse you’ve been coveting, or this “Pomme d’Amour” (that name alone!) LV shawl you can’t stop thinking about!

(This makes me realize that I NEED to be invited to a Winter wedding asap, at the very least because I NEED to own this LV shawl I have been obsessing about A.S.A.P. :

louis-vuitton-monogram-shawl-scarves-shawls-and-more--M72237_PM2_Front view

It would totally be the starting point of my guest outfit…

And YES, I already own it in “Dune”.SO.WHAT??).

I also have to confess I personally used my great friend Marine’s wedding invitation as an excuse to get me some mint (her color scheme) Miu Miu sunglasses I couldn’t take my mind off.

They are amazing though.

See for yourself :

2014-08-09 16.47.18

So I’m forgiven.Right?

And there are so many other options : leather, textures (feathers, lace, …),a dress coat, …

Just call me!

You can also find more outfit (and lifestyle) inspo on my Pinterest!

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