Basics & Classics

Chic and elegance are more often associated with a simple, refined look than to, say, yellow faux fur and sparkly cowboy boots (I will let you be the judge of that!).  VS  In theory, this makes it easier for anyone to achieve a classic, timeless look; All you need is […]


Oh.MG! Not only I am OBSESSED with the Olsen twins, their style and their clothing line but their Nirvana perfume, in Black, is one of my favorite perfumes EVER (and I am PIIIICKY : I like, like…3 perfumes in the entire world of perfumes!). Now THIS, has to be […]

~Happy 2015!!~

What can I wish you dolls for this promising new year 2015? “New Year, New You”? Or maybe simply “…Better You”? Health, Beauty, Wealth, Love, Creativity, you name it, it can all be yours if only you give yourselves the tools to succeed! I personally want my year 2015 […]


Also on my Christmas Wish List is another classic : The vintage Oyster-Perpetual Day-Date “President” gold Rolex. If I am going (Or if Santa is…) to spend way too much on a timepiece, it might as well be one I will still love several years from now. This particular one […]


I am (and have been fir years) OBSESSED with the vintage classic Hermès (need I even say a word more…?) H buckle belt. First of all, it is MY initial. So THAT’s a sign.Right? Then,…Well…I love it. And that’s enough of a reason to put it on my […]

Ode to the Black Tights

Black tights. Aren’t they everything? Sure, here in California, they probably aren’t a wardrobe staple for many women, but I know for a fact that they do elevate fashion, everywhere in the world! (YES, I am in a solemn kind of mood, today). I personally love black tights […]