~Happy 2015!!~


What can I wish you dolls for this promising new year 2015?

“New Year, New You”?

Or maybe simply “…Better You”?

Health, Beauty, Wealth, Love, Creativity, you name it, it can all be yours if only you give yourselves the tools to succeed!

I personally want my year 2015 to be the year of  a natural and sound business development, as well as the year I will finally become…Enlightened.


It might sound a bit ambitious, but having gotten, as years pass, a pretty good idea of what I want my life to be, I feel like NOW is the perfect moment to make things happen.

I wish that changes in my outlook on life will bring positive changes in my relationship with current and prospective clients, changes in the way I interact with people I love and react to life, as well as changes to the way I present to the world (aka I wouldn’t mind loosing a couple pounds).  😉

Being a very studious kinda gal, the prospect of a brand new year always is to me the prospect of a brand new start, and I enjoy setting (realistic) goals for myself.

3 of them would be to enjoy even more every moment spent with my family and friends, expand the list of my services and reach a new clientele, and, more lightly, look fresh and good for the upcoming wedding I will be flying to in June.

What about you?

Did you set new goals for this new year?

Remember : if they are style, fashion and organization related, I can most definitely, and gladly, help you!

In the meantime, let me wish you an enlightened and stylish year!


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