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Hourglass Curator Mascara

Just when I thought they could stop trying to improve the mascara game (because Diorshow Mascara, that I have been using since it first came out some 14 years ago, was IT, obvi), Hourglass steps in with a new revolutionary tool and 2 formulas, the Curator InstrumentRealist Defining Mascara and Ascent Extended Wear Lash Primer to give me major mascara envy.


The Curator Instrument is a fascinating sleek stainless steel tool, designed, as Hourglass puts it, “to give you a full 360° range to evenly coat each and every lash from base to tip, creating beautifully defined lashes from any angle”.


Now, the combo doesn’t come cheap, with a $78 price tag for the Instrument, which is reusable, and $36 for each of the 2 formulas…

But hey, can you put a price on out-of-this-world lashes?

I know I can’t.

Which is why I will be able to update you on the  alleged amazingness of the trio, soon… 😉

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