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Helene J. Rugiero


I am (and have been fir years) OBSESSED with the vintage classic Hermès (need I even say a word more…?) H buckle belt. First of all, it is MY initial. So THAT’s a sign.Right? Then,…Well…I love it. And that’s enough of a reason to put it on my […]

Ode to the Black Tights

Black tights. Aren’t they everything? Sure, here in California, they probably aren’t a wardrobe staple for many women, but I know for a fact that they do elevate fashion, everywhere in the world! (YES, I am in a solemn kind of mood, today). I personally love black tights […]

Marry Me (Again)!

If I ever was to get married again (to my husband, that is), this dress would definitely be on my list. Just discovered it, and Ashi Studio by chance on Pinterest, and I was left speechless by the originally, chic and whimsicality of their creations in general, and this one […]