Wish List


I am (and have been fir years) OBSESSED with the vintage classic Hermès (need I even say a word more…?) H buckle belt.

First of all, it is MY initial.

So THAT’s a sign.Right?

Then,…Well…I love it.

And that’s enough of a reason to put it on my gifts-I-dream-to-receive list!!

For some weird reason, the brand has now moved to cute designs, like the enamel version, but the one I covet (in case Santa’s listening), is really the one with the gold H buckle, that can only be found on Ebay or other resale spots now.


They don’t come cheap.

But these babies are reversible, so technically, you get TWO (amazing) belts for the price of one 🙂


Cute, huh? And to think it is not even HER initial…!!

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