How To Shop Your Own Closet (A Free Spring Wardrobe Enhancement)

Spring is coming,


and with it, the need (yes, need) to totally revamp your style.

Spring is to fashion what the new year is to resolutions : the moment you feel you could take everything up a notch.


Still, you’d be surprise how much novelty you can get…FOR FREE!

Well, sort of free…

I am talking about the pieces you already own, and either never wear, or always wear the same way, when they can be so much more versatile.

Ideas to change up my outfits routine often come to me while strolling Pinterest : I see a look I love, start wondering how I could get that type of dress or top, only to realize I already have it somewhere in my –very well organized (but quite full), closet.

This is why I just started a Be My (Soft) Stylist board.

I intend to feed it full, and I encourage you to do the same!

There, I will pin looks ideas that include a piece that ressemble a lot something I own, but worn in a more creative way or paired differently than my first instinct would, or even simply…Worn at all, when a piece had seemed a little fashion scary to me.

When in need of inspo then, I simply have to scroll through that board to remember I have been wanting to wear that Zara burgundy dress I scored on Ebay last season, and haven’t worn yet,


in a boho chic style


or that my tutu skirt(s) could look great with a plaid shirt (I already own, too!).


So get inspired.

Go to Pinterest.

Create that board.

And thank me for saving you SO much $$!!

You’re welcome 🙂

(Pictures courtesy of Google Image, Zara, Pinterest).

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