Consignment & Personal Styling

Venus of the Rags 1967,1974 by Michelangelo Pistoletto born 1933

As “the Venus of the Rags” by Pistoletto, we often find ourselves just wanting to keep up with fashion, facing a staggering mountain of clothes, while still having “nothing to wear”…

From this observation and my extensive experience with personal styling, prices, markets and trends, came the idea of comprehensive wardrobe enhancement:

I will lead you through each and every step toward complete closet optimization, starting by defining what kind of looks you like and will work for you.

Then we’ll make space (AND money!) for new acquisitions by selling, if needed, gently used and redundant or unwanted items and will decide what is missing from your newly decluttered closet to achieve your new look.

I will then go hunting for simple treasures that will enhance pieces you already own and love or help create brand new looks.

To end our journey, we will create numerous outfits which I will photograph so you can recreate them yourself.


I also offer additional services such as researching items you would like to purchase, new or consignment, to save you time and money.
Whatever your enquiry is, please feel free to contact me directly for a free personal consultation or any other information.


Services :

Personal Styling

Wardrobe Makeovers


Fashion Pieces Hunt

& any other Fashion related matters…




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