What Will You Be For Halloween?I Will Be “Easy Going”!

With Halloween around the corner, who doesn’t need a good disguise?



Let me be clear though : I am NOT going to talk about me being Cat Woman or  a trashy nurse for Halloween here.

Instead I WILL be talking about one of the disguises I have been and still am working on : the laid back, easy going girl look.

See, I rarely (never?) leave my house without a full face of makeup, jewelry that matches my purse’s hardware, nails that match my underwear, and sunglasses to finish the look.

The problem is that I tend to do the exact same when I hit the beach, a family BBQ, or an afternoon going down the river in Arizona with friends.

Why is this a problem, you ask?

Because, well, people might sometimes think am a bit uptight and unable to relax.

I feel you, Shosh.

I feel you, Shosh.

Which I’m not.

I just don’t see why I couldn’t relax…In style.

Side note : In that way, I am so not L.A.;

Every girl here masters the beach look and manage to look amazeballs in cutoff denim shorts, flip flops and a tank top, rocking the messy bun like it’s nobody’s business.

Girls, you're being annoying.

Girls, you’re being annoying.

Well, I don’t.


I just don’t.

So I recently decided I had to come up with a “chill” look, that will satisfy both my minimum styling level, and “cool” people’s expectations.

So here we go : my off duty/beach look.

First things first, make up.

Because no, I won’t go bare faced even to the beach, sorry.

My usual routine being a little too heavy though, I will compromise and wear “only”

1/foundation or at least a BB (because who needs to flaunt their unevenness?)

2/powder (because)

3/blush (I mean…)

4/mascara (duh!)


And well, also concealer, eyelid primer and a touch of sheer gloss.

What will I not wear then?

Eye make up (shadows, crayons, brow pencil, …).

Believe it or not, it all look way fresher and natural than the full face thing, and the inexpert eye may even be fooled!

Then, on to the clothes :

Because I dread sun (hello, cancer?) and wouldn’t be seen in short shorts to save my life, I love me a good maxy dress, in a soft, tshirt-y fabric, aka a beach dress.

I just won’t pick mine with a complicated hemline or cut outs, because we’re trying to look somewhat modest here!

So just a good old straight maxi dress, that hide what need be in style,

but still allows you to sit in the sand or on a log (people do that, I hear) without fearing to rip your favorite silk piece.

Of course you also need accessories, because we’re still humans, after all.

I have a few pretty cool beach totes from Thursday Friday that mimic Hermes or Chanel classics, while being cotton, inexpensive and not fragile.


I’ll stuff it with my essentials, and sometimes even hide my real handbag in it, just in case I’d need to stop by somewhere else later in the day.

Sunglasses, of course (’cause we’re FAB! + I am not even wearing eye make up (sort of), remember?).


YES, to the beach!

I’ll wear an all plastic Ice Watch (again, I won’t have to be afraid to scratch it) and only one or two cool bangles or bracelets, but nothing metallic or too dressy (because, well, it BURNS when heated by the sun.True story!).

Birkenstocks will be my shoes of choice, somewhat edgy but also 100% cool approved and comfy.

Don’t I look cooler?

I don’t?

Well, that’s as laid back as I’ll get!

Peace out.

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