The Day I Found The Best Clothes…Right In My Closet

This past weekend, I was browsing my closets with my great friend Marine, who was visiting for the day (yes, that’s how fashion gals bond, by browsing each other’s closet!), and I realized I owned a bunch of darn nice things…

THAT's what friendship looks like.

Yes, THAT’s what fashion friendship looks like.

Going through the hangers, I kept rediscovering still tagged dresses, skirts and more, that I kind of had…Forgotten about.

Let me be real clear here : my closet is very well edited and organized, because, well, you know, that’s part of what I do for a living.

Still though, I had to admit to my friend that I have been pulling the same 5 hangers over and over again lately, choosing convenience and ease before, I dread to even say it, style!

Hang in there... (SORRY).

Hang in there…

Partly because I work from home a lot and some days I go out only to pick my son from school, and partly because moving from France to california four years ago has left me with huge style dilemmas (but THAT’s another post!), I kind of have let the most stylish part of me sleep for a little while now.

At least he's wearing leopard print...!

At least he’s wearing leopard print…!

Not that I go out in sweats or anything, but I simply often opt for easier things nowadays.

Things go mostly like this in the morning : I look at my closet, see something cute that would make for a stylish pairing, and then…I start thinking about how much comfier a “baggy” dress (meaning no tight waistband) or anything that works with flats (no painful heels) would be, and here I go, picking my #OOTD based on practicality more than hype.

Don’t get me wrong : I am all for a convenient outfit and I have always found part of being “appropriate” is more about wearing something that is adapted to your schedule than being necessarily modest.

Up to a point though!

For me, that point came when I realized I was sometimes forgoing style (a little bit) even when I go out now, often choosing my outfit starting with a comfy shoe option in mind and then working from the ground up.

A few weeks ago though, I had to go to a friend’s store opening and kinda had to look profesh and put together there too, so I went full on stylish, the way I would do almost every day back in France, throwing all comfort notion away : high (HIGH!!) heels, pencil skirt, tight tank top and a purse that wasn’t even a cross body (!).

2015-10-17 18.31.58

Click to see the rest of my Insta life!!

Well, guess what?

Not only did I feel cute and sharp, I didn’t even SUFFER!!

Turns out the heels did my feet ok, I could still sit in the skirt and breathe in the top and I got a ton of compliments on my new Givenchy purse.

And I felt…Drumroll…

Dave Grohl, my beautiful friend, thank you for…Existing! ❤


Because yes, when you love fashion as much as I do, dressing up should feel like a treat and looking good be a reward.

Revisiting my closet this weekend, I decided to exercise myself back into (higher) style (and heels), wearing my cute clothes even on “basic” days.

Everyone knows that’s always when you DID NOT dress up and thought you’d just run to Whole Foods incognito that you meet a client or someone you would definitely have wanted to look great for, anyways!

And let’s face it, not everyone can pull gym clothes like Khloe!


Khloe’s gym look…And bum…

Sometimes it may take a little getting used to it again and a little effort for the few first days, but compliments and other envious looks are your best motivation.

So wear the cute clothes : you bought them for a reason, that most likely was that you knew how dapper they’d make you look.

Keep your schedule in mind, of course, and don’t be the mom who wears 6 inches heels to the soccer field,


but don’t forget to pamper up a bit!

You’ll still have a good chunk of hours to feel real comfy.

I call it pyjama time!

(Even then though, please stay cute!)

VS pyjama



(Images Victoria’s Secret, Pinterest, Google Image)

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