My Warby Parker Home Try-On

I absolutely L O V E glasses!

I have an ongoing obsession with both prescription frames and sunglasses, and I currently own about 15 pairs total.


On a side note, isn’t THIS the cutest display?


I started wearing prescription lenses when I was 13, and I can still remember one of my first pairs, a light tortoise frame by Façonnable that I had the store order because I couldn’t find anything stylish enough for my posh self in their selection.

They were weirdo round thick glasses and I loved them.

I went on being very picky about style and quality from there, and soon developed the same -if not heavier, fetish for sunglasses.

I’ve had a few pairs that I clearly broke the bank for, but lately I became savvier about finding the best deals on designer pristine options, either online, on consignment or at some great “secret” boutiques.

When I stumbled upon Warby Parker online a few month ago, I didn’t know what to think : I must admit I am a bit of a brand snob, so the perspective of no name frame wasn’t really appealing to me.

That was until I started seeing their selection : very on point, very trendy, very stylish.

Totally my dope.

And then, I saw their pricing.

Yet again, it left me thinking…

How on earth could they sell $95 prescription frames WITH lenses, when most cool designer glasses start at $250, with at least a $150 additional price tag for the lenses?

Quality had to be poor, right?

Not right!

I can now say it, because I’ve tried them all.Or almost : I recently ordered 5 pairs for a FREE Home Try-On, so that I could sleep tight again.

The cute display box arrived in 3 days, with the 3 prescriptions and the 2 sunglasses frames I had ordered.

2015-04-15 11.43.42

So yes, I did spend most of last week goofing around with my Warby Parker babies, taking selfies and photo boothing more than one should!


Me taking too many selfies and photo boothing the day away


The stuff is AMAZEBALLS!!

Quality certainly hasn’t been neglected;

In fact, I couldn’t find much difference with the Tom Ford “Angelina” frame I currently use the most for my prescription.


Me in my Tom Ford “Angelina”

It’s sturdy in all the right places, yet comfy and soft on the nose 😉


How to put it?

Out of the 5 pairs I ordered, I would easily purchase 4!

They are everything I look for in glasses : retro, thick and bold, but always chic!

I’ve tried the Holcomb, in “pearled tortoise”


They ended up being my least favorite, but simply because I really like heavy frames;

the Kimball, in “marzipan”


A very cute style in a brightening color;

the Winston, in “jet black”


my usual kind of stuff, dark, square, oversized, mid-century-ish : my fave!

The Banks, in “sea smoke tortoise”


I loved the blue shade of tortoise;

+ I do not currently own any blue tortoise anything, so I guess that’s a sign I need those, right?

And the Reilly, in “marzipan”


a classic and stylish option.

So now we obviously have a problem!

I am already planning on purchasing the black Winston asap, and I feel like, with Summer around the corner, the Banks, or Reilly, or both are a must!

THANK YOU Warby Parker for offering VERY affordable yet amazingly fashionable glasses, and cuddos for a great and efficient Home Try-On system for those lazy bitches who won’t it the stores!

(Pictures courtesy of Warby Parker)

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  1. Coming from one eyewear aficionado to another. Love this article! I have over 20 pairs and also enjoy trying on and purchasing new eyewear. It’s like an addiction to me. Lol I am absolutely in love with your Tom Ford Angelina’s. I’ve been on the hunt myself for a pair to use as well for prescription. My favorite store that I have bought my last 7 pairs from is called SEE EYEWEAR. I’m a huge fan of oversized eyewear myself. Especially in cat eyewear. Not to mention I love a great bargain on eBay. Happy trails!

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