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My French “Pharmacie” Shopping List

One of the things I miss the most about France, are the high quality/low price cosmetics you can find at any good pharmacie.

Sure, you can find part of La Roche Posay or Avene ranges in the US or online, but usually for twice the price and half the options!

So whenever I travel back to France, I make sure I will have some room and weight left in my suitcase for stocking up on my favorites!


Here is what my “pharmacie” run list looks like :

From  Avene, which has to be my favorite brand (EVERYTHING they make is well above average!), I love the simple yet efficient formula of the Hydrating Serum, that I use under the Hydrance Legere day cream.

Their Soothing Eye Contour Cream is also a great efficient cheapie.

Of course I have to stock on the Thermal Spring Water sprays, which as use to set up make up.

On the more specific side, I am a fan of their dark spot lightener D-Pigment Legere, again, soft yet very efficient.

I also just discovered one of their make up Couvrance line items, the Corrective Stick, that I use in the yellow shade;

It is originally intended for neutralizing imperfections, but the yellow shade also works great as a concealer for my medium dark skin!

Lastly, I have been using their scrub and mask combo for years and always go back to it whenever I need simple but deep hydration  : Gentle Purifying Scrub + Soothing Moisture Mask.


And that is all…

For Avene!

On to Bioderma.

And yes, I too am a fan of their Micelle Solution, although I personally prefer the Sebium H2o version to the classic Crealine one.


Then, I’ll head to the Mavala section (WAY cheaper than in the U.S., and, again, with a much wider range!) :

The brand is famous for their nail products and I love their Cuticules Remover, as well as their 2 steps Nail Shield, but they also make this powerful (and again, way cheaper than any of the Latisse and Co) brows and eyebrows densifier, Double-Lash, THAT REALLY WORKS!!(I am talking way noticeably fuller lashes and eyebrows after only 2/3 weeks of nightly use!!).

file.php            file.php3            file.php2

I will also get a few tubes of Dexeryl creme;

It is a very simple formula that will rid you of any dry patch.

It is so soft that you can use it on kids, yet it will make your skin plumped and dewy 🙂


+ the huge tube is about 5e and will last you forever!

Again, you would be able to get all those bathroom treasures online or in some chic U.S. stores, but in France, they are each under or around 10/15e, versus sometimes 3 times that price here;

+ while strolling the alleys of that little French pharmacie, you’ll discover even more delightful brands and products…

I must confess my list goes on for  a few more…Pages!

But this post is long enough already, right?

I promise I will show you my purchases when I come back from my next European trip, which should happen this Summer.

So long…

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