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Fenty Beauty got me like…

Today was the launch of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty make up line, and I so happened to walked by my local Sephora.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 1.23.52 PM

You already know how this all went down…

Not that I am the Rihanna superfan freak who was waiting for the launch like…


I really wasn’t.

See, I have mixed feeling about badgalriri :

granted, the girl is drop dead GORGEOUS.

Her style?

50% of the time, I’m like “you could have had ANY outfit/stylist you wanted and you went with…This??”


The other 50%, like that night at the 2014 CFDA Awards,


I am like, damn, that’s perfection. And only you could pull this off.

I like the music.

But am more of a Beyonce gal myself.

And I do not own any Fenty Pumas, or any other Riri approved goods, either.

The one thing I’ll agree on, is that Rihanna is fierce and doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

So, you get it, I WASN’T anxiously awaiting the Fenty Beauty line, at all.

In all honesty, had it been an online thing (in pure Kardashian fashion), or, let’s face it, anywhere else than at my favorite store in the entire world, I would probably have never even swatched it.

But there is was, at Sephora.

So I kind of had to give it a try, right?

First of, the packaging is sleek and pretty, and it’s magnetic.Yay.

I know :Useless.

But fun though.


The products?

Well, all I swatched seemed REALLY high quality, with a wide array of tones-the foundation comes in 40 shades!, and is cruelty free, as confirmed on the brand’s Instagram page, which is always a plus.

I asked for a sample of Riri’s own foundation, cause I figured we should be around the same skin tone.

That’s about the only thing her and I have in common, but that’s something, still!

Of course I couldn’t walk home with one of everything (my husband later confirmed I couldn’t) so I picked 3 items that I, at least vaguely, needed :

Invisimatte, the on the go blotting powder, $32, with its dedicated Portable Touch Up Brush, $24, and the very flattering Gloss Bomb, a “universal lip luminizer”, $18.

The price points seem in line, if not cheaper, with other high end makeup line sold at Sephora, and I wasn’t outraged at the register.

I will try the 3 over the weekend and will update you with my deepest thoughts.

The moral of the story (so far)?

Marketing DOES do a lot in our want/need to try and use products, and I am not immune to it.

And Rihanna seems to have though this through hard enough to pick a great team and manufacturing partner to deliver high quality goods.

Bilboard website mentionnes that “Fenty Beauty is made by Kendo Brands, Sephora’s indie label that also houses cult brand names like Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs Beauty and now, Fenty Beauty”.

Look out for my thoughts on the products I snatched on my Instagram 🙂

Pictures courtesy of Sephora, Fenty Beauty, …


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