My Wish To You For 2016

I have always loved the early days of a new year…


They come with hopes for a fresh star and are the perfect moment to set new goals and a direction for the year to come.

So YES, I still make new year resolutions, and YES, I do believe they can help you be more focused on your goals for the next few month.

My 2016 professional resolutions are to continue to be open to the great opportunities and amazing new persons I meet, and to continue to expand the reach of my services so that I can help even more clients.


On the style side -because let’s not kid ourselves, this is a VERY important side, my wish is to get back to allowing myself to…Look like myself.

Having moved from France four and a half years ago, I kind of left part of my “style personality” back there.

I was really embracing the change of scenery and culture and was so eager to fit in here, that some of my style, my look, my identity got lost in translation in the process.


These past few weeks, I have worked on allowing myself to wear the clothes I love, adopt back the style that’s mine, without caring too much about looking “too done”, or a little overdressed.

(“Overdressed” was an adjective that used to fit me that well that I had chose it to be the title of my website and blog back when I lived and worked in France!).


I recently realized that I wasn’t going to be able to please everyone anyways, so I might as well feel really good in my own style, right?

So…I bought the OTK boots I had been eyeing, the feather vest I felt was so me, the monogram Gucci pumps that yes, are monogramed…


I plan on keeping choosing me in 2016, looking like I enjoy looking, because I understand now that being myself actually is the best way to “fit in”.

Style is a great and fun way to let everyone know who you are at first sight, so you deserve to find and work on yours!

So here it is, my wish for you for 2016 is to find and embrace your personality and style.


And remember, it is ok to ask for help…!

Happy 2016, my dolls.



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